Limited Edition Coloured Crocodile* Female Hornvback Backstrap Belts (25 mm Wide) * MADE TO ORDER*

Australian Crocodile Traders

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‘’Limited Edition’’ or ‘’Special addition’’ genuine Australian saltwater crocodile leather belt.

Slimline belt.

Please see list of many colours available.

Each individual handcrafted item has its own exotic and unique pattern.

Made to Order.

All our leather products are provided with a CITIES certification.

The belt size, as a general rule, are measured from the belt loop to the hole in the middle.

Length sizes are measured in inches.

Please measure carefully as each item is made to order and no exchange or refund will be given for incorrect size orders.

Remember: To determine the perfect belt size for you, find a belt that is a few inches larger than your pants size since belts are used around the pants and not the waist.


BELT size Total BELT
INCH (belt loop to middle hole) LENGTH, CM
30 90
32 95
34 100
36 105
38 110
40 115
42 120
44 125
46 130
48 135